Organic Blue Mountain Coffee: The Best of the Best

Jamaica is know around the world as a tropical paradise perfect for vacationing singles and families crossing all age boundaries. Absolutely idealistic climate and atmosphere of the locals makes Jamaica perfect.

Perhaps of all the exports, Jamaica has to offer, the most famous is its organic Blue Mountain coffee. Indeed when people here the word Jamaica the first word to come to mind may be rum, but Jamaican coffee farmers are changing worldviews.

Organic Blue Mountain coffee is intensely robust, naturally chocolatey, and has an exquisite rich taste. Jamaican coffee beans are taking the world by storm, one coffee bean at a time. Blue Mountain is actually the region of Jamaica where the coffee bean is grown by coffee farmers. A 2% of all hand picked coffee beans in this region make an even rarer coffee bean called Peaberry.

This exquisite coffee bean meets the USDA’s requirements for being certified organically grown. Then the next process, even more difficult than getting the USDA certification, is to find appropriately shade for the proper cultivation of the coffee bean.

Without the proper amount of shade, the organic Blue Mountain coffee bean will either not grow, or its growth will be stunted. Either way, the coffee bean is rendered useless without the proper shading. In the event that shading is not readily available, organic coffee farmers will often use “artificial shading”: mesh or dark netting.

Organic Blue Mountain coffee is perhaps the most sought after and famous in the world. Only grown in Jamaica, this exquisite organic coffee offers an unique experience to all coffee connoisseurs regardless of age or socioeconomic conditions. Although the organic Blue Mountain coffee is extremely rare, surprisingly many coffee retailers resale this impressive coffee bean. The high quality of this coffee bean coupled with its rarity make it a pricey addition to any coffee connoisseur’s morning cup of Java.

Can’t afford the price of a real organic Blue Mountain cup of coffee? Never fear! There are many reputable companies that create a taste similar to but not exactly like this fine handpicked organic coffee bean. It is important to remember that no taste can truly compare to the incredibly, robust and unbelievably full flavor of a true organic Blue Mountain coffee bean.

These organically grown coffee beans can only be grown in the arid, hot climate necessary for all Arabic coffee species. Of course, this also means that these fine coffee beans are also the highly favored gourmet coffee. Also, there are many companies that add this fine coffee to welcomed gift baskets great for any occasion.

There are many options available when choosing a superb gourmet coffee bean. Many popular gourmet coffee franchise carry this exquisite coffee bean. The Whitehouse only uses this high-quality product –so says Tom Clancy. Whatever your tastes, this is an excellent choice for all gourmet coffee connoisseurs.

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