Iced Coffee Tips

Do you like to make iced coffee drinks when it’s hot or when you have friends over?

Iced coffee drinks are a unique twist from soft drinks and a great entertaining idea.

Besides, it’s almost impossible for any get together to be boring when all that caffeine is running through everyone. So here are a few tips and ideas to make your iced coffee drinks a cool hit.

Make sure you plan ahead by brewing your coffee ahead of time, so it will cool before preparing your iced coffee drinks. Just don’t leave it out for so long that it spoils.

Once it’s down to room temperature (3 to 5 hours) put your coffee into the refrigerator, to cool it for your iced coffee drinks.

You can also use a cold water method of coffee brewing if you prefer. There are cold brew coffee systems that work very well for this from Toddy.

Or you can soak one pound of coffee grounds overnight in 48 ounces of clean water. Next morning you have a liquid coffee concentrate that’s perfect for iced coffee drinks. You can keep it for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Here are a couple of ideas to make your iced coffee drinks better. One way of keeping your coffee drinks tasting like coffee instead of getting watered down is to make coffee ice cubes. Just freeze some coffee ahead of time in a few ice cube trays.

Another idea is put a dollop of whipped cream on top for the finishing touch. For a real treat mix a little chocolate or fruit flavored syrup in your whipped cream to jazz up your drinks.

For a nice touch, if you are serving up your iced coffee drinks while entertaining friends, shake them up with a cocktail shaker. If you give your drinks a shake instead of a stir it makes them extra frothy.

Just make sure you don’t shake an iced coffee drink if you mix any fiz or club soda in.

If you would like some fantastic iced coffee recipes, we have a bunch of them for you to enjoy.