Flavored Coffee

Gourmet coffee is just gourmet coffee. For a different, real gourmet coffee experience, many people choose to drink flavored coffee. Why flavored coffee?

Cause it’s mmm, mmm, good.

When you purchase a good flavored coffee, be assured that you are getting a coffee full of gourmet taste and gourmet style. As with any coffee, coffee with flavors is all a matter of personal taste. For example, I love vanilla and coconut; my husband prefers mocha and butter rum. Other than having a huge selection of coffee in our house, this means that with gourmet flavored coffee, both of our desires are met with equal importance.

Flavored gourmet coffee has an interesting creation process. First, a gourmet coffee bean is chosen. There are so many types of gourmet coffee beans that the possibilities are virtually endless. Whoever is creating the flavored coffee beans would choose the right coffee bean for their needs. Whether that coffee bean is roasted or green depends on the coffee bean retailer.

Second, if the coffee bean is pre-roasted, the coffee manufacturer would roast the bean. Often, this step is the flavor adding the step. Another choice is that the bean is shipped either green or roasted to the coffee retailer whereas the gourmet coffee bean is roasted with the flavor. The flavor is added through a process of coated infusion.

The flavoring is as variable as the actual coffee bean. Natural, artificial, a mixture of both. Any type of flavoring added to a coffee bean is chosen specifically for certain qualities that flavoring adds to the gourmet flavored coffee bean or grind. There is only one option for us now: sit back, relax, and discover more about that favorite cup of flavored coffee!